Easy Share


Easy Share

Easy Share- The Perfect' Document Management Software System, specific for your enterprise, is a powerful & Time-saving tool. These document management software systems will eventually eliminate unwanted expenses that pertain at your enterprise.

Easy Share will help you to share the documents digitally. This helps the offices go paperless. It is the 'go green policy' that many enterprises visions. Now, let's eye different features Easy Share shares out to the enterprises:

Document Sharing

This feature will help you to easy-share the documents across your office digitally. This ends the disarray with messy paperwork at your office. And the headache in keeping these papers as a record for future inspections in no more a reality.

Document Serch

You can simply find documents Instantly using a verity of search criteria & Keywords.

It will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Role-Based restricted access to documents
  • Track details of the shared documents (to whom, by whom, at when & how)
  • Bookmark the shared documents
  • Comment the shared documents
  • Archive old documents for future use

User-sharing of any kind of documents granted

Creating events and this feature Includes many more functions...

  • Easily create a detailed event & Invite participants
  • Event modifications can be done
  • Assign alerts, the participants will be notified with detailss
  • Comments & Statuses can be marked
  • Complete visibility of participation status & comments of the users


Prompt communication between the employees of an organisation is crucial for its sustainability. Sharing the required documents and messages within a fraction of a minute. Also, without any expenses and wastages make this complete process an ongoing one.

By the messaging feature, you can:

  • Prompt communication enabled between members of the organization
  • Group messaging & Individual messages enabled to user
  • Send alerts to the user when a message is sent