EASY SHOP is a complete Inventory and retail store management software from 'Perfect'. Inventory Management solutions accomplish the process of ordering, storing and using an inventory for billing etc.,

calculate taxes and everything else required managing a Retail/Wholesale business organisation Taking a peek for Yourself into 'easy shop' and behold the advantage you get delivered:

Understand Your Business Better

  • Dashboard for Admin users (Customer Performance, Store wise sales, Top selling item, Minimum stock)
  • Credit (Supplier, Customer), Purchase, Sales, Salesman performance

Understand Your Business Better

  • The purchase order with smart fill option
  • Material receipt (multiple or single)
  • Multiple materials receipt in a single purchase also in independent purchase)


Import & Export: User can Import & Export data through Excel format
Reminder: Set Reminders by three methods Private, Public and User-Wise.
Day Close Process: Day End process is used to end all the transactions in that particular day. Once the day end process is executed, no transactions will be allowed on that day.
Voucher: Generation for a gift, Discount, group on vouchers and Return of limited period.
Report: Member/ Customer wise report, salesman liability. register.

Stock Management

Easy shop eases stock management in your store, it helps you by:

  • Multiple price-lists
  • Product with images
  • Different sorting methods
  • Stock transfer between locations
  • Multiple item units
  • Minimum stock and reorder levels notification
  • Multiple barcodes for items
  • Barcode scanning and printing facility
  • Stock register
  • Price conversion
  • Stock conversion


The 'perfect' POS- Point Of Sale gives you a wide range of advantages by enabling:

  • Pole display
  • Support touch screen
  • Cash drawer
  • Hold and uphold
  • Customized bill printing
  • Petty cash expenses
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Sales return
New Items/Products
  Employees (Separate in Hr Tab)
Masters Groups
  Sub Groups
  Quantity Group  
  Stock point  
  Area Code
  Item units
  Price group  
  Tax group
  Cost Centre
  Hsn Code
  State Code
Terminal/Sales Category
Grouping Bulk Grouping
Search Search any Option With key Word
Purchase Purchase Entry
  local Purchase
  Interstate Purchase
Quick Purchase
  Excel Upload In Purchase
  Purchase Return
  Purchase Order
Smart Fill in PO
Sales Sales Entry
  Sales Return
  POS Sales
Stock Transfer Transfer Out
  Transfer In
Damage/Dumb Damage Stock
  Group wise Damage Entry  
  Scrap/Disposable (Optional With Permission)
Stock Physical Stock Entry/Stock Adjust
  Opening Stock Entry  
  Theft prevention
Challans/Orders Purchase Order
  Sales Order
  Work Agreement Orders
Receiving Delivery Note
  GR Note
Receiving Damage Entry  
Receiving Short Entry  
  Item Expiry Entry
Fixed Assets Assets Entry/ List ( New)
  Assets Transfer in /Out
  Asset Series Out Track
Asset Auditing
Accounts Receipts
  Journal Entry
Contra Entry
  Multiple Entry
Day Book
  Accounts Books
Trial Balance
  Balance Sheet  
  Profit and loss account
Voucher listing
  Counter Report
  Accounts Summery
  Journal Difference
Transaction Statement
  Sales summary Report
Bank Reconciliation  
Credit Note  
  Debit Note
Cheque printing
Cash Book
  Banks & Payments  
  UPI/Third Party Creations
Accessories Margin/GP Gainer
( with margin below 10% pass 0.5 %)
  Price modification/ Price Revision
  Barcode integration
  Invoice Re-Printing
Items Sticker Printing (Group/Rack/Brand)
  Data Transfers PLU To Weighing Machine
Other data transfer ( Handy Machine/Van Sales
  Reminder Alert  
  Short Messages ( Work Group Messages)
Invoice Comments
  Display Settings
  Multiple Item Code
  Item Conversion/Repack
Schemes Ration
  Item Quantity Price
Customer Price Defining
  Combo Offers
Stock report register
  Group/Supplier/Rack Wise
  Stock Difference
  Stock List With All details
( Qty out/in/stck/last inward etc
Item Sales analysis Brand wise
  Sales/Sales return/Purchase/purchase.
return or Separate Window For All
  group Wise  
  Category Wise  
  Sub Category Wise
Bill Wise Analysis Brand wise
  group Wise  
  Company Wise
  Category Wise
  Sub Category Wise
  bil wise ( filter all group and
transaction filters)
  Transaction Details ( Nob/Abv)
Profit analysis Item wise profit analysis
bill Wise Profit analysis
Customer Wise Profit analysis
Brand /Group Wise Analysis
Scheme Report Combo
Item Quantity
Customer Total Customer list With all Data
  Customer Card Points Report
  Customer Sales Summery
Customer Sales bill wise
Member Sales Monthly With
Non Visit Customer List
  Member profit ( laso in profit Tab)
  Member Card printing
Tax Wise Report Hsn Wise
  GSTR Report
Eway bill
POS- Counter
POS- Counter Report  
  Previous Transaction
Transaction Pending
  Transaction Compare  
Receiving Receiving short Report
Receiving Damage report
  Item expiry Report
Slow moving
fast Moving report
  Aging Report
Stock out Report
  Re-Order Report
Purchase order Requisition  
Purchase Order approval  
Shrinkage Report Damage /Disposal report
Physical Stock report
  Group /Rack Stock report
  Opening Stock Difference Report
Item Price List/View SKU Price List With EAN Code
( Ean by Search, Name Etc)
  Group/Category Etc List
  Opening Stock Difference Report
Item Price List/View SKU Price List With EAN Code
( Ean by Search, Name Etc)
  Group/Category Etc List
  Opening Stock Difference Report
Item Price List/View SKU Price List With EAN Code
( Ean by Search, Name Etc)
  Group/Category Etc List
  Opening Stock Difference Report
Item Price List/View SKU Price List With EAN Code
( Ean by Search, Name Etc)
  Group/Category Etc List
  Opening Stock Difference Report
Purchase margin Report
Item Wise margin
  Supplier Wise Margin
  Group/Category Margin
Margin Difference report
PIHV Report High value Item analysis Report
  Daily Stock Check Report
View Design Transaction Head Settings
Transaction Column Settings
  print Settings
Advance option Change Series
Change Transaction Date (Bulk)
transaction Changes
  Transaction Lock /Unlock report
SPOS item delete Report
higher login report
Settings Financial year settings
  Tax Settings
Report Designing
Backup/ AutoBackup
  Backup Reminder Settings
E-Commerce Touch and Buy (android mobile

application for e- commerce)
Mobile Application INSTOCK- Stock verification mobile application