Score Connect


Score Connect

Score Connect is a loan tracking software/ monitoring application which helps the Bank personals to track assigned loan account.
It completely automates the loan recovery processes. Score connect will notify you the due dates and helps you communicate with them with just a click. Also, update the cause of delay and the date they are assigned to repay the loan.

This enables banks to have a hassle-free loan recovery process.

  • 100% Tracking the Loan Status
  • 80% Hike in Loan Repayment
  • 75% Decrease in Time
  • 50% of Guaranteed Cash-Flow

What are the benefits we Banks get from Score Connect?

There can be enormous benefits a Bank can get from Score Connect. Some of them are listed below:

  • Obtain contact details with a click
  • Reports regarding the amount repayable
  • Rescheduling the due date
  • Instantaneous communication
  • Customer Credibility Report