Muttathe Mulla

Muttathe Mulla is a Daily Loan Collection and Payment Application Introduced by the government of Kerala. Perfect Software Solutions (CLT) Pvt Ltd provides hassle-free transactions for both Banks and the Kudumbasree members to uplift our society to the next level. We have enhanced best in class app development in order to provide the best to our clients.


  • Giving Banking service at home and provide customer onboarding to remote areas.
  • Proper and online monitoring of disbursed fund and avoid any misuse of facilities.
  • Providing Jobs to needy persons in the Area.
  • Spreading Banking Awareness among common man.
  • The customer gets a loan at a reasonable rate and they do not become the victim of local money lenders.
  • Customer will get the awareness of banking.


  • Secure authentication and authorization
  • Data leakage is eliminated by encryption
  • Avoided local storage of sensitive data
  • Used encrypted TLS connections
  • Checking of IMEI number of registered mobile
  • Data transferring is done through encrypted JSON format.