A single Mobile Application for all your needs.
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MScore is the mobile version of our Smart core banking system named ‘Score’. It is compatible with android and IOS mobile devices.

M Score enables customers to monitor their transactions with the bank using a mobile application, which makes the process fast and reliable. M score has helped leading banks provide personalised banking applications to their customers and keep themselves
updated with the digital world. It has all the latest security integrations. It provides account
information, fund transfer facilities through IMPS/NEFT/RTGS, passbook, statements, virtual cards, online recharge or payment facilities and user dashboards.


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Advantage & Features

Access Bank statement regardless of Time & Trade.
Need not visit the bank for passbook updates.
Passbook is updated automatically.
Treasury Management.
Saves time & money for customers.
Supports Ownership & ASP Model.
Multiple & customizable Schemes & Products.
Access Bank statement from anywhere.
Get personalised Offers for Bank.
Supports Savings Bank and Current Account.
Manage multiple accounts of the same customer.
Statement viewing facility with filtering.
Search option based on Date, Amount, Transaction Type.
Sort transaction on Date, Amount.
Send a message to customers regarding New offers and Events.
Private and Public Messages.
Fully Secured with encryption.

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