Score-Fully web based Co-operative Banking Software in Kerala,India

Score- Banking makes smarter, easier, and better

1st Fully web based Co-operative Banking Software in Kerala
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Score or Smart Core Kerala’s No.1 Core Banking Software has transformed the operations of hundreds of banking entities, especially in the rural, Cooperative banking sector

Introducing Kerala’s first and best core banking software in Kerala that is completely web-based to make banking effortless and efficient, with real-time transaction management providing countless valuable data aiding for future strategies. The score helps thousands of professionals fast-track transactions to provide the best and most timely service. Employing the latest technology, the highly parameterized Score has been a game-changer for banking institutions, especially in rural Kerala. It has upheld generations-old investments, assets, and visions to the digitalized world by incorporating the latest banking trends. It is extremely user friendly. We have made banking a fast, highly secure, and pleasant experience.

Scope of Score-Details about secured banking software in Kerala

In today’s ever-changing world, the scope of score is vast as it is using cutting-edge technology. 

As banking continues to evolve and grow, it’s crucial to have smarter and more efficient solutions. Luckily, Score, a product from top banking software companies covers everything from A to Z in banking, so you can manage your finances with ease. From account management to transaction tracking, it’s all right at your fingertips with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

The best part? The score is designed to grow and evolve with your banking business, so you’ll always have access to the latest technology. You don’t have to worry about outgrowing it – it’ll keep up with you!

If you’re looking for a secure banking software, Score is just for you ! Because When it comes to banking software, our  main goal is to create a platform that’s secure, scalable, and compatible with all the latest banking practices.


Security is always the top priority, with robust features in place to protect against cyber-attacks and data breaches. Scalability is important too, to handle the growing demands of the industry, while compatibility ensures that the software works seamlessly with other systems and channels to offer customers a convenient banking experience.

 More than that, Score also keeps up with modern banking practices and offers statutory and MIS reporting features. Other than this , it’s regularly updated to keep up with the ever-changing banking industry, and their customer support is prompt and reliable, ensuring a seamless banking experience.

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Benefits of Score-best core banking software in Kerala

Are you seeking a banking solution offering more than just basic services? With Score, we make sure to make your banking experience as easy as possible!

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Other Value added services :

In our co-operative banking software in Kerala value-added services are meant to improve productivity and enhance customer experience in the banking sector. With our core banking software, banks can offer these services to their customers and stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving banking industry.
Collection Agent Banking Application,
Loan Tracking and Overdue Monitoring,
SMS and Email Banking,
Automated Voice Call,
Automated Passbook Kiosk,
Biometric Integration,
Virtual/Customer Card Integration,
Mobile Banking, and
Business correspondent.


Adopt the latest technological advances, minimise the threat of competition and meet customer expectations.
Targeting complete customer satisfaction, the amplified efficiency making diligent use of browser-based solutions have enhanced the efficiency in pertaining to Banking operations.
SCORE is built on a robust architecture that allows a financial institution to make the configurations in our software. Which allows you to fall perfectly into the business rules of the Bank.
The Browser-Based SCORE unveils optimum bandwidth which allows connection with various branches of a financial institution and a high-level efficiency is assured.
Obtain the accurate view of your customer all the time with perfectly integrated SCORE.
Improved performance delivered.
Central management reduces your operational cost.
Helps offices to go green (paperless office).
Attainment and Retaining customers; no longer a headache for you.
Leverage your day-to-day operations in and between Branches.
Better Management & Decision Making is assured.
Link other Banking networks hosted by RBI for advanced banking operations. (ATM, Mobile Banking, Net Banking etc.).

Special Features

Comprehensive recovery module
Telebanking- outbound dialling
Graphical reports, online reports
Customer card management
Supports captive and cloud data centres
Helpdesk module for customer support & CRM
Supports both ownership & ASP model
Multiple & customizable schemes & products
Consumer Banking & Corporate Banking
Exhaustive customer details
BI tool with a dashboard for top management
Real-time online processing and reporting
Statutory reports for higher authority & MIS
OD monitoring system
Mobile collection system
KCC Rupay card
Stock management rent module mobile branch compatible
API integration with other applications
Barcode integration
Fingerprint security

Value- Added Service

SMS/ Email Banking
Information kiosk
Feedback Kiosk
Automatic passbook printing
Mobile Banking
Aadhar linking
Doorstep Banking (DSB)
Net Banking
Business Correspondent (BC)
RTGS/ NEFT/ Host to Host

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